What to Expect…

I think it’s important to warn the readers on what they should expect when they visit this blog. This blog is about nothing, yet about everything, it’s about every day, and about life. It’s sometimes the experiences, sometimes the reflections and sometimes just rambling thoughts of a mind busy weaving many threads about family, husband, child, maid and about work, clients, deadlines, bosses, presentations, yet another about world, India, Singapore, politics, corruption, population, all these threads come together to weave this beautiful and colourful fabric which I present here.

For all your days prepare, and meet them ever alike. When you are the anvil, bear. When you are the hammer, strike. – Edwin Markham

So, some shades are dark and some light, while some are sunny bright. They might bring a smile, a tear or a hearty laugh… These are the Days of our life!


5 thoughts on “What to Expect…

  1. Thnx girlie… have been busy formatting my blog better for the past couple days… I’m happy you liked my blog! I quite like yours too 🙂
    Hope to have some fun here! 😀

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