And then… the winner is!!!

Alright Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the award ceremony this night… After counting 25 votes I have here a clear winner and 2 awesome runners-up. So without killing you with the suspense I’ll disclose the results:

This was the most discussed write-up in the contest and it presented a chick and revengeful Liz which was loved by most, specially the ladies… Put your hands together for our  Second Runner-up Minstrel Incognito for A Second Shot – Minstrel Incognito will take away today this beautiful trophy and a runner-up certificate:

Moving on to a twist that is bound to touch the heart of every Indian and is the most discussed event in India (not counting the IN-AU cricket match today 😛 )  Though the author took the scene far away from where it started the scene swept the readers off their feet. Give a huge round of applause to First Runner-up Pallavi Sambamoorthy for A Game of Shame & Revenge – Pallavi will take away the silver trophy and a runner-up certificate:

And now ladies and gentlemen the write-up that changed the whole picture of the main character – Liz and declared her a Kleptomaniac, this post was enjoyed by most and was even considered informative by some… give it up for our WinnerGunjal Bhansali for The Flight of Death – Gunjal takes away the Gold Trophy, a Winner’s Certificate and a Rs1000 Gift Voucher from Landmark (sponsored by me not Landmark – mind it!!!)

Congratulations to all winners and participants!!! 😀 😀 😀

I will email all the prizes to you all in the next couple days. Every participant gets a certificate. 😀

Here are the Write-ups and Authors also the number of votes each writ-up received 🙂

1. A Meet with known or Unknown?
Pramod Lohia
2. A Second Shot
Minstrel Incognito
3. Camisado
Priya Dabak
4. A Moment to Forget (or Remember?)
Sakhi Shah
5.Strangely Famous, Strangely Familiar
Maithili Pai
6. That night changed my life… (chuckle)
7. Flash of Thunder… Lightning Struck … And then it Rained…
Aishwarya Ananth
8.Hate to love you
Minstrel Incognito
9.Life – Lost and Found!!!
Aashish Sood
10.The Flight Of Death
Gunjal Bhansali
11.And then…another U turn to complete the circle!!
Gunjal Bhansali
12.A Game Of Shame And Revenge
13.Bruised Memories
Smita Paul

It was great fun hosting this contest and I hope you all also had all the fun, I hope you all like your prizes and certificates and listen… psst psst… if you thought that its too much effort writing a story – look at the awesome prizes and think again I think it was worth it you could be the winner of the Golden Trophy, Winner’s Certificate and Rs1000 gift card from Landmark – So the next time when I say “exciting prizes” up for grab – do believe me!! 😀 😀 😀 😀


A Game Of Shame And Revenge

Make way for our next entry to the ‘And then…’ contest. Just reminding, I am not disclosing the author‘s name now so that we can have a fair voting. The write-ups would be posted in the order I receive them… Here are the rules & hints and here is The Scene…

He didn’t seem to notice her staring at him. His balding head, grizzly beard… gave her goose bumps. He was an enigma. Despite every criticism he had faced in the last couple of weeks, he had remained stolid and unabashed. If nothing else, she admired his superior, almost brazen self-confidence.

But how could she forget the taunts she had to face – because of him? He had shamed her. Beyond words could explain. Everywhere she went, people associated her with him. They called ‘her’ and ‘her people’ a ‘cheat’. The real reason for her taking this so-called vacation was to escape the taunts from her colleagues and friends.

‘This is my chance!’ she muttered under her breath, with a determination she never thought she was capable of. ‘I will have my revenge’.

Liz gave flashed her best smile. He didn’t notice. She jerked slightly, spilling water over herself. He noticed. She then took off her jacket with one quick sensuous movement. Beneath, she was wearing a lacy black vest.

This time, the man put his magazine down, and gave her a small grin. ‘Water spilled huh?’ he asked in a thick Indian accent. Liz smiled sheepishly, eyeing the little document holder tucked away in his seat pocket.

‘Hi, I’m Liza..’ she introduced herself with a firm handshake.

Hellow’ he replied, not letting go of her palm.

‘So what takes you to Sydney?’ she cooed.

‘You see, I have to build rapport.. we can have relationships, you know’ he winked.

Liz shuddered inwardly, but nodded. ‘I see. I’m so cold! Would you mind lending me your jacket?’ she asked sweetly.

‘Of course, anything for a beautiful girl like you!’, the man replied, and gallantly left to fetch his jacket from the overhead locker. Liz used the minute, to do exactly what she had planned.

By the time he had returned to his seat, she had covered herself with a small blanket, and pretended to have fallen asleep. The man frowned upon the opportunity lost! He looked for his magazine, but it was gone.

The next couple of hours were spent in silence, interrupted by the drone of the airplane, snores from the man, and the quiet ripping of some papers beneath Liz’s blanket.

When the plane landed, Liz beamed upon the man ‘It was a pleasure meeting you, good-bye’. He smiled half-heartedly. She sniggered, and quickly walked away to find a spot from where she could hide and watch the fun.

At the immigration gates, the uniformed authorities surrounded him. He seemed to be searching for something. He rummaged through every pocket, but couldn’t find what he was looking for, so desperately.

‘Sir, you have to produce your passport!’ the staff shouted impatiently.

‘You know who the hell I am?’ the man replied arrogantly.

‘We would if you could show us your passport’

Liz giggled.

The authorities looked at each other, and decided to take him in! ‘Bring the cuffs’, one of the security officers threatened. The man shook his head miserably. He looked wild and angry. ‘I’ll destroy you!’In a moment, his expression changed to Sad and Hurt. ‘Please believe me!’ And finally, helpless.

‘Take him to the interrogation cell!’ The authorities led him away unceremoniously.

Liz strode out of the airport, laughing under her breath:

‘You shamed me, you a*shole. You brought dishonour to me and my country. Made us a bl**dy laughing stock. Everywhere I go, people snigger at how corrupt, inefficient and shameless we are! Now you deserve this! May you rot in prison, you slimeb*all!’ she laughed to herself, and hailed a cab.

She stopped at a dustbin, to drop the shredded pieces of bluish-greyish paper. The passport of Suresh Kalmadi, chief (dis)organizer of the Common Wealth Games 2010.