That night changed my life… (chuckle)

Here’s the next entry to the ‘And then…’ contest. Just reminding, I am not disclosing the author‘s name now so that we can have a fair voting. The write-ups would be posted in the order I receive them… Here are the rules & hints and here is The Scene…

How could he be here? Is it really him, could it be him, it has to be him, if its him then all that she did all these years was so not worth it. Finally she decided it was him, her grandma Beth’s driver – Harry D (D for Driver). She remembered how he used to drive the kids to the farms, to the lake, to farmer’s market over so many summers, he used to buy them candy pops, egg tarts, paper windmills – oh those days… she suddenly remembered a peculiar habit of his, he used to mumble and chuckle to himself and as a child she always wished to know what he said and why he chuckled…

God has given me another chance, I need to get the answers, I have to fulfill my childhood wish – how did he get here, in this plane in business class how could he afford it? And more importantly what was it that he used to mumble and chuckle?’ these thoughts made her turn back and she was ecstatic to see the seat next to him empty. ‘God totally wants me to know… Harry might not remember me, so I will start’ she thought…

Liz: I’m not sure if you remember me…

Harry D (mumbling & chuckling): you are right dear girl I don’t remember, tell me who you are…

Liz: You were my grandma Beth’s driver, you used to drive us kids around in the summer vacations….

Harry D: Oh which one of those little brats are you… is it you Lizzy? You tiny little girl oh you’ve grown up! The ugly duckling has become a swan

Liz (so it is him… how did this driver get on the Business class of this flight! and I’m ugly duckling…): How did you get here…. errrrr I mean what brought you to Hong Kong?

Harry D: Oh Lizzy what do it tell you… Long story short the day Madam Beth passed away I was very sad and I went to the country farmer’s market to buy a bottle of wine but the shop was too crowded so I waited and i saw a lotto stall, as a kid i always wished to buy a lotto ticket, so I did it that day… and who would believe it little Lizzy, I won. Then I bought some cattle, I sold milk and cheese then after a year I opened a small restaurant and now I have 5 restaurants in Australia. I went to HongKong to learn the art of making stinky tofu, seems to be a hit these days.

Liz thought to herself, the story of this man is commendable, she was inspired… still the more important question lingered and she decided to stay on it. Dinner menu was presented, she chose steak, they talked a lot and drank a lot, exchanged contact info. and were both generally very happy to see each other Liz even forgot about the mumble and chuckle and then… food arrived.

Liz (looking at the steak): This is huge!

Harry D: That’s what she said…

Oh sorry Lizzy girl I should not have said that, I was trying to control all the while but you just walked into it… I’m sorry…

Liz (almost in a state of shock, almost): Ewwww was that what you always used to say and chuckle? LONG PAUSE

Harry D: Sorry little Lizzy, sorry…

Liz: Oh you dirty sick man!

Harry D: That’s what she said…

(Banging his head with his hands) I’m so so sorry Lizzy girl…

Liz ran back to her seat which was right ahead and still managed to bump into 2 passengers tossing their drinks in their food… Disgusted she sat and all the times he must have said those words stared floating in her mind and after a while, she chuckled… it was the most inappropriate and hilarious joke… she had to give this idea to the copy writing division and they could make a write up from this and finally have some real comedy on that lame comedy show of theirs… She chuckled some more…

A year later Lizzy’s company won an Emmy for that episode, and the copy writers dedicated it to Lizzy… She was so happy… She called up Harry D, it was the answering machine.

Liz: Harry D, I know you are a dirty sick man who makes inappropriate jokes but thank you. That night changed my life…

She imagined Harry D playing the message, and chuckled.

MORAL OF THE STORY: always follow your childhood wishes 🙂


And then… – The Scene

Welcome to the And then… contest!!

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You think the name is weird, don’t you? Its simple, I am giving you a scene for which you have to say “and then…” and tell me what happened… Here’s the scene on which you have to build on an episode… It’s fun, give it a shot coz you could be the winner, each contestant can send up to 3 entries and there are exciting prizes up for grabs 😀

Ok now before you get started check out the rules for the contest you’ll also see some hints

So without further ado here’s the scene…

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Liz ran like she was being chased by a cheetah from the check-in point to the boarding gate to catch her flight from Hong Kong to Sydney, and her high healed Jimmy Choo stilettoes didn’t help. Business class she thought ironically to herself clumsily running with her macbook close to her chest and a carry-over Louis Vuitton purse clinging on her shoulder. The past few months had been erratic – late night calls, working weekends, high pressure presentations, the stress was all consuming and she had almost lost track of time but that’s the cost you pay to be the youngest director with a multinational entertainment giant. Today she was determined she would run and get there for she deserved this vacation she had earned it, though her 30yr old un-exercised body was resisting.

She finally reached the gate and was escorted to the airplane. She was the last one to board and after bumping into a stewardess dropping her LV once and almost tripping into the lap of an old but handsome man she finally reached her seat. She glanced at the man sitting just behind her – engrossed in the latest issue of Autocar, Bose head-phones plugged in, he was in his own sweet world, her heart skipped a beat and she froze – all the old memories came rushing in.

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