Bruised Memories…

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She froze…It was invariably the same face only with a few wrinkles on it.. They were the same eyes that had haunted her for so many years..She immediately turned her away her face to escape the vision of those dreadful eyes. She felt sick at the pit of her stomach.
She closed her eyes. Old memories flooded her mind and nauseated her.Her mind raced back to the old campus,the first few days of her college life.
Freshly out of school Liz was quite excited about being a grown up college girl now.Life seemed so beautiful and fancy free with the friends around.
And then it happened. .Something that she had been longing for all her life till now.She had read about it in novels,seen it in movies,but the feeling,she felt it on that beautiful afternoon  when her eyes met his.There he was on the corner table of the college canteen.And she could feel the “funny thing” happeneing at stomach that she used to read about in books.
She was too shy to share it with any of her friends but her best friend Jenny could make it out frm her eyes.
“Hey, I guess u already have a girly crush on him”
“Nothing like that”Liz  blushed
Liz had always been the innocent shy types since childhood.She was a dreamer who was always lost in dreams of her Prince Charming who she believed would someday appear in front of hers,take his hands on hers and drift her to the magical world of love.
“Come on Liz,Im ur best frnd. You can tell me” Jenny said.
“Who is he?”
“Oh thas Jacob…an intern”.
“I was just wondering why is he alone all the time,nithong else”Liz gavea shy smile.
“May be hes one of thoses unfriendly uncool types…come on we’r getting late for class.”
That night Liz dreamt of those dark brown eyes.They were radiating all the passion, all the love form them.They  were brimming with dreams.
She kept eyeing him secrtetly every day but never did she have the courage to bring the slightest signs of emotions on her face.
That afternoon Liz was sitting alone in the library.
“Hi” … an unfamilier voice interrupted her concentration.
Her heart skipped a beat when she looked up to see those deep dark brown eyes.
“Hi..i”,she stammered
“Do you mind if I sit?”
Liz was running short of words.She just gave a wry smile.
She doesnot know how the next few hours or as a matter of fact the next few days passed.She had never been so happy in her life.
The long after college hours spent in the nearby coffee shop were like magic.
( 2 wks later)
.It was a cold winter afternoon.They were sitting leisurly in the ususal coffee shop.
“Tommorow is the alst day of my internship Liz. I wll have to fly ovrseas after that for higher studies.” Jacob sighed.
” I know”. Liz frowned.
“I have arranged for something special today evening for u and me”.
” Oh iwhat is it” Liz griined.
“Thats a surprize. For that you ahve to come to my apartment.”
“your apartment?” Liz hesitated.She wasnt sure if that was a very good idea. Afterall it ahd just been 2 weeks.But then she trusted him.He was the guy from her dreams
That evening Liz wore one of her prettiest dresses.That was the last evening with Jacob begore he would come back for her and she wanted it to be really special.
The door was opened by Jacob himself.
“Welcome Liz”,he griined and led her inside where two other guys were sitting leisuresly.
“They are my pals.They wanted to meet you so I called them over.”
Liz felt a pang of anger.Jacob had never mentioned any friends for the evening.She decided to linger on for a few uneasy minutes and leave.
“Make yourself comfortable Liz,”one of them smiled offering her a glass of wine.
“I dont drinked” Liz replied politely.
“‘Oh come on Liz ,be a sport”,Jacob said.
Liz looked up at him surprizingly.He knew what kind og a girl she was,still how could he say this?
“Im sorry,I just remembered I have some work.Ive gotta go.”Liz stood up
“Hey whats the hurry?” one of them held her hands from behind. A chill ran down her spine.She freed her hands with a jerk and hurrried towards the door..
“Whats the hurry sweetheart”,Jacob crossed her path..”the evening had just begun”.
She looked at the dark brown eyes to find not love, but a cruel animalism,hunger and greed.
All she remembered about her last few minutes of consciousness was the excruciating pain inside her,faces of three insatiated beasts on top of her,a terrible heartache and thoses sharp dark brown eyes piercing through her soul ripping apart her dream and shattering her fairyland.
Her thoughts were broken by the sudden landing of the aircraft.She opened her eyes to feel her heart pounding like a horse.
Right behind here,lost in his own sweet world was th man who had killed the timid,innocent dreamer and was responsible for what she was today..a cold blooded executive of a multinational company carring a bruised heart and a sieved mind inside.

Finally I know why children do what they do…

Sometimes when I do not get sleep at night, I like to browse youtube and catch some interesting videos. Last night was one of those nights and I saw a video that answered most, if not all, of the questions that have ever come to my mind about child behavior. I highly recommend this video to all the parents who want to understand why their children behave the way they do. When I was a child, I remember my mum used to instruct me, teach me, guide me to behave certain ways and yet I always used to do something that I knew I was not supposed to do, when she asked me why I did it, I never had an answer, I sincerely used to say ‘I don’t know’ most of the times this would result in me getting beaten up and a lot of yelling and crying.

I clearly remember an incident, I was 5 then, on a lazy summer noon I was playing with my then best friend who was my neighbor the plan was to go out pick flowers, make garlands and marry our dolls. Since guests were expected at my friend’s house her mum asked us to help her clean and decorate the house. It is funny how we clean our houses when guests are expected it’s like an exhibition of our life. Anyway so the task was to spread a bed-cover, I remember it was so bright and colorful with huge daisies printed all over. Once done, we wanted to resume the wedding of our dolls, but we couldn’t go out however we needed flowers, there can’t be a wedding without any flowers we did some lateral thinking and cut out all the daisies from the sheet, spread it back again, tucked all the corners, made the garlands and were so proud of our work we wore the garlands and went to show it to our moms. My mom’s eyes and voice full of anger she asked me why the hell I did what I did. I knew nothing could justify it and I said ‘I don’t know’ of-course you can imagine what happened next…

Then there was this time, I was 6 then, my grandfather’s cousin had passed away and everyone was half mourning half searching for a picture that was clicked long ago at one of my aunt’s wedding which that dadaji had attended, my dad was supposed to send across that picture to the family since they could not find a clear smiling picture of dadaji. So anyway my mum found the picture and everyone was looking at it turn by turn, though it was completely irrelevant to me I still wanted to see and hold the picture, by the time my turn came I was already lost in a movie where Amitabh Bachchan smoked a bidi (Indian hand-rolled cigarette) and fought 10goons simultaneously, so impressed I was that I took the picture rolled it into a bidi and pretended to smoke but there was no smoke so I went to dear mommy and asked her to put some fire to my bidi… when I think of this now it was freaky on so many levels and again I had no answer for my action the rest as they say is history…

There are so many different incidents where I really can’t justify what I did like when I threw a cup full of milk on my neighbor or when put Odomos (mosquito repellent) in my sister’s hair to style it or when I with a friend started a fire right in front of my apartment on level 4 and danced around it till our mothers were throwing water on us which was as enjoyable – what could be the answer to all this? I found it last night! It’s a very simple explanation – ALL CHILDREN HAVE BRAIN DAMAGE! If you know you’re not supposed to do something and you still do it and people ask you why you did it and you say ‘I don’t know’ what else could it mean – it is brain damage.

Well watch it for yourself, Bill Cosby explains it pretty well .