The Flight Of Death

Make way for our 10th entry to the ‘And then…’ contest. Just reminding, I am not disclosing the author‘s name now so that we can have a fair voting. The write-ups would be posted in the order I receive them… Here are the rules & hints and here is The Scene…

For two years, Liz had shared her deepest thoughts and failings with him…It was a close bond…and she saw him after 3 years today.

She didn’t know how to react. While she was thankful that her LV belongings didn’t spill out completely when she bumped into the stewardess and that, he hadn’t seen her fall into that handsome man’s lap…(It would’ve been embarrassing!!) , she was also apprehensive of the long journey ahead.

She watched him through her ‘’extra powerful womanly peripheral vision’’. He looked deeply engrossed. Liz wondered, ‘’Autocar and Bose head phones would surely make a man oblivious to his surroundings!!’’ Little did she know, she was being watched as keenly!!

Once seated comfortably, with closed eyes, she promised to herself never to repeat what she did today. However, in her heart, she knew she was a ‘serial promise breaker’. Her thoughts were broken by a sharp “hi”…a voice she could recognise even in deep sleep…it was the man beside her…Dr. Jekyll !!

“Hello doc”…Liz said…the conversation began. They never discussed her problems. Doctor Jekyll was shifting base from Hong Kong to Sydney. Liz was confident that he believed that she was cured but she knew the reason why she always felt like being chased by a cheetah.

As the flight prepared for landing, he gave his new visiting card to her. “But doc, i don’t need it anymore” she said. “You never know!!” was the doctor’s reply as they parted ways…

Later, when she was unpacking in her hotel room, Liz saw the card…it had something scribbled on its backside…

“The man u stumbled upon was my father. He was sitting in the next row and I saw you stealing his wallet. Keeping my patient’s problems a secret is my duty. Moreover, I didn’t want to embarrass you…I know i‘ve cured you today. You WILL come and return the wallet to get rid of the burden of “Kleptomania” from your own shoulders. See you soon!!”……….

………Despite getting caught for the first time, Liz felt relieved because she knew that both her disorder and ‘the cheetah’ were dead today…:)

Moral:  you are being watched at all times…stay, act and behave appropriate!



Hola! everybody…. make way for our next entry to the ‘And then…’ contest. Just reminding, I am not disclosing the author‘s name now so that we can have a fair voting. The write-ups would be posted in the order I receive them… Here are the rules & hints and here is The Scene…

“Bloody hell; just ‘cause someone couldn’t get their watch right, I’m going to miss my appointment”, he muttered to himself when they announced that the flight was delayed. He could just picture his wife smirking at him if he showed up late. Cursing, he immersed himself back into the copy of Autocar that he had picked up on his way to the airport. He turned off the music that was blasting in his ears and concentrated on controlling his temper.

A few years ago his life was perfect. A pretty young wife, all the money they needed, and of course his million dollar face: the stuff dreams are made of. But that was until he met her. Elisabeth Haley, Liz, as they all called her. Today, here he was: once a Hollywood superstar who couldn’t even use the men’s room without being followed; now flying off to Sydney for a divorce interview and no one seemed to give a bloody damn.

A gasp brought him back to reality. He looked up from the magazine and saw himself staring into the face that had haunted him for five years. Liz. She looked different: posh; sexy, even; not the sweet simple girl he remembered. It took him a second to realize she was actually there, her brown eyes widening as she recognized him. Before he could say anything, before he could even alter his bewildered expression, the stewardess told her to take her seat. And she did.

All of a sudden, there was a flurry of thoughts in his mind. So many questions he wanted to ask, so many things he wanted to say. And in a flash, the memories of that night came rushing back to him. How he had, in all his drunkenness, told the only friend he had ever had that she meant nothing to him. How he had scornfully told her to go back to wherever she’d come from. How he had let his huge ego prevent him from telling her the one thing that he really felt: that he loved her. She was gone, the next day. And he hadn’t heard of her again. Soon his marriage had come crashing down and his erratic behaviour, his rising temper had gotten him kicked out of the industry for good.

Now there she was. Right in front of him, whispering into her phone (he wondered if it was her old bestie Katja). He moved forward as if to get up, but noticed the stewardess looking at him disapprovingly. As he settled back into his chair, he couldn’t help but chuckle at this ironical turn destiny had taken. Life sure as hell is full of surprises.

It was going to be a long journey…