I like it on…

If you are here to find the secret of the FB status updates of your female friends that says “I like it on…” then I’m sorry I can’t let out the secret of my sorority, though I think its a bit stupid and I seriously don’t know how updating the status of your handbag can increase breast cancer awareness… oops! Sorry ladies! On a completely different note and a tad bit late, I want to say that the And then… contest was awesome fun and I thoroughly enjoyed conducting it 😀

What I am going to write about today is KBC (Kaun Banega Crorepati) and Amitabh Bachchan. I have to say the old guy is the God of Indian Film Industry and he knows what he is doing – its an awesome show and though I am an ardent SRK fan I can’t help but admit Big B rocks the show like no one else can. Now maybe its because I’m a huge Bollywood fan but the whole recreation of hit scenes from Big B’s movies – what an idea sirji – nope, no one pays me for this gibberish!

When he did the Agneepath scene I completely forgot that I was sitting in front of my TV in the drawing room in Singapore with one nostril choked and other flowing like a tap – that scene tele-ported me to a cinema hall in India – I tried to whistle and shout to cheer but my sore throat did not support me – Big B! The man can still create magic. I’m not surprised that KBC 4 beats all other reality shows on TV read it here.  The show created a huge buzz with teasers ‘koi bhie sawal chhota nahi hota’ and is now delivering up to the noise it created. I specially liked the crispness in this season and the time limit to questions made it super-exciting.

Big B, of-course is like a bottle of wine aging makes it taste better, at 68 is an eye candy. His finesse, language, stature, personality, laughter and sense of humor among other things make him a league above the rest, make him, Him. I say – Deviyon aur sajjano its only a 9 week season and one of those is over so catch it if you can… coz when its about KBC I like it on Amitabh Bachchan – what say you?


Curtain Raiser…

The night before the winner is announced is the toughest for all the participants… To cheer you all up I would like to present the trophies and certificate that the winners and participants will take back 😀 😀 I am extremely happy that I conducted this contest which helped me get connected to so many wonderful writers and gave me the opportunity to read some fantastic creations from a simple scene that I started.

Here are the trophies that the winners will take to their blog 😀 😀 😀

Here is the certificate that every participant will receive 😀 😀 😀

It was an amazing experience and I promise to keep doing more contests every now and then 😀 😀 Hope you all also enjoyed as much as I did and are waiting with bated breath to know who the winner is just like me 😀

I will announce the winner as soon as the voting gets over i.e. Late Tuesday night for me 12:00am (Singapore Time) and around 9.30 – 9.45pm India time… 😀 😀 Till then spread the word… try to get all your friends to vote and who knows you might be the winner…

Vote, Vote, Vote!!!


Here we are at the most important point in our And then… contest the voting time… The voting is open NOW till Tuesday 11.59pm 😛 (Singapore time). here are the voting guidelines:

1. One person can caste votes only once, you do NOT have to be a blogger to vote.

2. Each person has to vote for three of their favorite write-ups, if you vote for only 1 or 2 – your vote will be discounted

3. You CAN vote for your own write-up if you genuinely think its the best among the rest – now here’s why I am allowing self-voting, I want to see how many people have a reality-check 😀

4. Please read through all the write-ups and then decide your favorites. Post your votes as comments on this post.

5. Story no.6. That night changed my life… (chuckle) is not a part of the competition. Please do NOT vote for this one.

Comment Moderation will be on and till the winners are decided no vote-comments will be published. So have fun and Vote, Vote, Vote!!!

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