And then… the winner is!!!

Alright Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the award ceremony this night… After counting 25 votes I have here a clear winner and 2 awesome runners-up. So without killing you with the suspense I’ll disclose the results:

This was the most discussed write-up in the contest and it presented a chick and revengeful Liz which was loved by most, specially the ladies… Put your hands together for our  Second Runner-up Minstrel Incognito for A Second Shot – Minstrel Incognito will take away today this beautiful trophy and a runner-up certificate:

Moving on to a twist that is bound to touch the heart of every Indian and is the most discussed event in India (not counting the IN-AU cricket match today 😛 )  Though the author took the scene far away from where it started the scene swept the readers off their feet. Give a huge round of applause to First Runner-up Pallavi Sambamoorthy for A Game of Shame & Revenge – Pallavi will take away the silver trophy and a runner-up certificate:

And now ladies and gentlemen the write-up that changed the whole picture of the main character – Liz and declared her a Kleptomaniac, this post was enjoyed by most and was even considered informative by some… give it up for our WinnerGunjal Bhansali for The Flight of Death – Gunjal takes away the Gold Trophy, a Winner’s Certificate and a Rs1000 Gift Voucher from Landmark (sponsored by me not Landmark – mind it!!!)

Congratulations to all winners and participants!!! 😀 😀 😀

I will email all the prizes to you all in the next couple days. Every participant gets a certificate. 😀

Here are the Write-ups and Authors also the number of votes each writ-up received 🙂

1. A Meet with known or Unknown?
Pramod Lohia
2. A Second Shot
Minstrel Incognito
3. Camisado
Priya Dabak
4. A Moment to Forget (or Remember?)
Sakhi Shah
5.Strangely Famous, Strangely Familiar
Maithili Pai
6. That night changed my life… (chuckle)
7. Flash of Thunder… Lightning Struck … And then it Rained…
Aishwarya Ananth
8.Hate to love you
Minstrel Incognito
9.Life – Lost and Found!!!
Aashish Sood
10.The Flight Of Death
Gunjal Bhansali
11.And then…another U turn to complete the circle!!
Gunjal Bhansali
12.A Game Of Shame And Revenge
13.Bruised Memories
Smita Paul

It was great fun hosting this contest and I hope you all also had all the fun, I hope you all like your prizes and certificates and listen… psst psst… if you thought that its too much effort writing a story – look at the awesome prizes and think again I think it was worth it you could be the winner of the Golden Trophy, Winner’s Certificate and Rs1000 gift card from Landmark – So the next time when I say “exciting prizes” up for grab – do believe me!! 😀 😀 😀 😀


15 thoughts on “And then… the winner is!!!

    • Gunjal you need to start writing girl! Your story is such a clear winner! I had awesome fun in this contest 😀
      Well just to be fair I did NOT vote, but if I did nothing would change coz my top 3 won 😀

  1. WOW !!! Congrats to the winners… 🙂

    Ruchi, well done…it takes a lot of patience and effort to take up this kind of contest in the blog…Hugs to you. 🙂 🙂

  2. Hey that’s awesome, thank u, Ruchi and thank u ‘voters’ and ‘likers’ 🙂 I had a great time, both writing and reading. And the winning entry is truly outstanding 🙂 Well done, everyone 🙂
    But Ruchi, runners-up don’t get a Landmark voucher? Sob sob sob 😦
    🙂 Thanks for this awesome contest, girl!! Will look forward to more from you!

    • Hey Pal your entry was awesome loved reading it and I thoroughly enjoyed the fun in the whole contest – I haven’t come across a contest on any personal blog which is sponsored by the contest organizer but I felt I should give a prize but at the same time i did not want to spend over Rs1000 – you know i am not getting anything out of this… I was initially debating if I should make it 500, 300, 200 for the top three. Maybe its an occupational hazard but the Marketer in me told me a single sum of 1000 would give more happiness to one compared to cumulative happiness to three, though i spend the same amount. Also the next time i set up a contest one would want to participate more if he/she has a chance of winning a 1000 rather than a 200/300/500 – some analysis went into deciding the prize 😀
      Let’s see maybe after a couple of contests I’ll believe the other way works better – what say you? 😀

  3. Thank you! Thank you for the honours!! 😉 I’d like to thank my mom, my Dad, my sister for reading my stories umpteen number of times and re-reading, my friends for reading the shit I dish out and wah-wahing, the blog wallahs and non-blog wallahs for reading n voting, my Nawab for believing I rock without having read a word of what I write ;), my Nawab’s doggie for not eating up so dat I was still alive to write this story and Liz for being so kickass 😉
    Phew! Sigh! I’d always wanted to give a victory speech! Thanks Ruchi for making it poss! 😉 Hehehehehehe!!!!

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