A Meet with known or Unknown?

Alright so let the fun begin… here’s the first entry to the ‘And then…’ contest. As said earlier, I am not disclosing the author‘s name now so that we can have a fair voting. The write-ups would be posted in the order I receive them… Here are the rules & hints and here is The Scene…

Here’s the first entry and the author has written it from the point of view of Liz

I had met him for only 15 minutes, three years ago, no conversation had taken place, and lo! Behold, I saw him again. The world looked so small. My hear-beat again started racing, the way it had been when I was anxiously waiting at a Multinational co. office to get a job. This Monsier was also sitting in front of me. We had just shared some casual glances. My heart racing at 240 km per hour, I was somehow managing to appear calm, but turmoil in my brain had reached its limits. I knew this much, that it was a close call and either me or the gentleman sitting in front of me would get the most coveted job by the millions.

I could recall myself coming out of the chamber and sitting on the seat in front of him heavy words still ringing in my ears “Miss Koutnis, we are really sorry to say, It was a very really hard decision for us to choose, but since we have only one opening, you have to wait for any other opportunity, if it comes by. All my hopes, ambitions jeopardized in a jiffy, my mind had gone numb and I don’t know for how many minutes I remained in a state of dizziness, I remember woken up by the secretary, that there had been a review of situation, and I was called up again to see the director.

I had been appointed the new CEO of the company. But my eyes were searching for this gentleman. I hurriedly signed the approval letter and rushed out to look for this gentleman, but couldn’t find him. I knew very well in my heart, it was due to this gentleman that I had been given the job. Such a long time had elapsed, I had been overburdened with the newly held responsibility, that I never had any leisure time apart from work. There he was sitting right at the back of me, I closed my eyes thinking how to start up a conversation.

I was surprised to see him sitting next to me, when I opened my eyes. This was all happening like a film drama. How stealthily he had sent the man sitting next to me on his seat. ‘Very pleased to meet you miss Koutnis’ his voice rang sweetly into my ears. I couldn’t believe it. He knew my name. I….I…am also delighted to see you. I stammered. Oh! how much I wished to know about him. I wondered’ Is this what people call LOVE.

The airhostess had brought coffee, he served me gently with all the attributes of a gentleman. So ‘ I see you have taken the company to new heights. He said, sipping coffee slowly. pleased at heart,’ I said,’ I don’t know, I just do my job sincerely. Tell me about yourself, I demanded earnestly.

Well, Miss Koutnis, I am just a small entrepreneur, in to job providing millions, over the internet. And all the credit goes to you.

Perplexed, I said “ me! how ?”

He started, “The brief encounter I had at the M.N.C. office, moved my heart to the core. I felt myself miserable. I straight off rejected their offer on their face and made a pledge in my heart to make the world a better place for struggling job aspirants.

I founded this “Swerve” the online job search and placements service over the internet.

“Oh my God !” I exclaimed, “you are the founder of Swerve, the world renowned, mega corporate.”

“Yes’ he said, and Miss Kout’ he began…

I interrupted “Hey please leave the miss, You can call me kouts,”

Well “kouts, I am Karan Kumar, you can call me “K’

This name gave me the creeps. I stammered, “have you ever been to Minneapolis.

Mr. K ?” I do not want to keep you in suspense. I am the one who had taken the blame to save you in class of Miss Sanders.’

It was all clear now. I remembered’ the small boy, of my childhood days. Brave enough to have taken all the beating like a man. “The world is so small.” I exclaimed.

Mr. K, began, “I knew you at the M.N.C. office itself”, when I enquired of contesting candidate at the desk clerk. I knew it had to be one of us. So at the interview I had answered most arrogantly, so that you could be selected. They took my arrogance as quality and hired me. This was the limit. I went in and rejected their proposal immediately and went away. The firm resolution in my mind to start my own company. Will you join my company and my life as a partner?” He said.

I couldn’t believe it. He had proposed in the most off hand and casual manner. I closed my eyes. I hadn’t expected things to happen so fast. And like this. I murmured slowly, as if at the marriage altar, “I do, I do”. The longest sentence known in vocabulary.


9 thoughts on “A Meet with known or Unknown?

  1. hey!
    although it is a nice plot, sort of, it is too cliche for me. The stalking part seems a little creepy! And it kind of lacked that punch. It kind of reminds of those soppy Hindi movies. I am sorry for being critical, but that’s just how i feel. Nice effort though!

    • Hi BKween – welcome to my blog 🙂
      we’re all here to have fun, so no worries about the comments, its our own opinions and we can express them 😀 😀 I’m sure the author will also take it in that spirit 😀
      hope you can write up something and send across 😀 😀

  2. Miss Koutnis….. ohhhhh i wanted to use that name in my story.
    Now I am not writing a story anymore 😦

    Enjoyed reading the story though, be it intentionally or unintentionally written to be funny 🙂

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