And then… – The Scene

Welcome to the And then… contest!!

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You think the name is weird, don’t you? Its simple, I am giving you a scene for which you have to say “and then…” and tell me what happened… Here’s the scene on which you have to build on an episode… It’s fun, give it a shot coz you could be the winner, each contestant can send up to 3 entries and there are exciting prizes up for grabs 😀

Ok now before you get started check out the rules for the contest you’ll also see some hints

So without further ado here’s the scene…

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Liz ran like she was being chased by a cheetah from the check-in point to the boarding gate to catch her flight from Hong Kong to Sydney, and her high healed Jimmy Choo stilettoes didn’t help. Business class she thought ironically to herself clumsily running with her macbook close to her chest and a carry-over Louis Vuitton purse clinging on her shoulder. The past few months had been erratic – late night calls, working weekends, high pressure presentations, the stress was all consuming and she had almost lost track of time but that’s the cost you pay to be the youngest director with a multinational entertainment giant. Today she was determined she would run and get there for she deserved this vacation she had earned it, though her 30yr old un-exercised body was resisting.

She finally reached the gate and was escorted to the airplane. She was the last one to board and after bumping into a stewardess dropping her LV once and almost tripping into the lap of an old but handsome man she finally reached her seat. She glanced at the man sitting just behind her – engrossed in the latest issue of Autocar, Bose head-phones plugged in, he was in his own sweet world, her heart skipped a beat and she froze – all the old memories came rushing in.

Check out the stories published so far and leave feedback for the best thing an author can get from readers is honest feedback 😀

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37 thoughts on “And then… – The Scene

    • Thnx Scorpria – for the encouraging words 😛
      Practice makes a man perfect, let’s test that on girls as well – what say… oh cummon you have a full week – put 20mins and i’m sure you can come up with something cool 😀

    • Yep PNA, hoping to have a lot of fun all over again 😀
      Put on your thinking cap and start completing the episode – I really hope CB writes one too 😀 coz I’m also eager to read what she would write 🙂

  1. Came here thru the Devil !!! 😉 😉

    So, a contest, huh…whats the last date ???? Let me try my hand at it…but I really dont know… 😉 😉

    Nice template and niceeee blog…. 🙂

    • Hey Uma – Thanks I made the background from a picture i clicked 🙂 would be glad to do up one for you… 😀
      and yes, you should definitely try to send one 😀
      the last date is Oct 2nd – so you have practically the whole week 😀 😀

  2. LOL, you guys have no intentions of leaving my brains alone or what ? 😀

    Like I said Ruchi, I am stuck with too many things right now. Will try my best to be a part of this contest. But if I dont, please dont desert my blog !! 😀 😀 😀 😀

    • Hehehe i wont desert your blog coz its a source of continuous and a lot of fun for me 😀 😀 but seriously after reading the first entry do you think you’ll have to think too much 😛 😛 – don’t stress but try to do it 😀 😀

  3. Am dead tired, but sure want to try a hand at this contest, esp after all that praised showered on you by the devil named Vimmu 🙂 So let me bookmark this page and come back another day!

    • Hey Pallavi – Welcome to my blog… you too showered a bit of praise on me on CB’s blog, oh well you just did not know its me 😛 you praised my story – Will Power 😛
      You should defi write something and send it across, i’ll be waiting 😀

  4. Ah! I would so love to be a part of this fun fair…but like I e-mailed you am out of town for a while and to make matters worse my laptop died 😥 😥
    Can’t promise anything but I’ll try to be around 😛
    Hope you have a good time 😀

    • Awww that’s too bad… 😦 😦 so wanted you to be a part of this….
      Try to send something there’s a lot of time, remember i sent you mine in the last hour 😛 but like i said to vimmuuu even if you can’t send anything i wont desert your blog coz its soooooooo nice 😀 😀

    • Hey Swar, oh yep its total fun… have published 4 stories till now – hope you’ll have fun reading them 🙂
      try to scribble up something it’ll be even more fun if you write 😀

  5. heyy,
    chanced upon your blog and its quite a refreshing read actually! 🙂 and the idea of the contest is quite interesting. i do want to participate, but where do i send the entry?

  6. I’m here coz someone said free Singapore trip! 😀
    Nice work, Ruchi.. And making your blog interactive is a an excellent way to hold reader interest.
    It was dad who showed me that weight loss post on your blog, which made me check out the rest of it.. And its nice 🙂 Keep it up!

    • Thnx Ashish, welcome to my blog 🙂 so happy you liked it 😀
      Yep kaka messaged me on FB after he read that 😀 you should also send me a write up 😛 I was asking Ashu to write one and it’s like punishment for him hehehaha (evil laughter)

    • There are a couple more write-ups that i will publish today and will give a break for 2 days for people to read and decide and i will publish the voting details within this time then give 3 days for voting 🙂

    • ok so let’s keep it 2 days then 🙂 also i’m thinking of starting the voting now since i think everyone has already read all the stories – only the last story has been published today and i guess peeps can read that quickly 😀

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