Will Power

Some days back I participated in a story finishing contest – Finish it to win it – so I finished it and won it, ok I won the third prize… So here’s my story, but to you first need to see what I finished, so here’s the link to the first half of the story.

And here’s what I wrote:

“I can’t believe my eyes, after all these years you are still just the same. Its little Jenny’s surprise party on Sep 15th, she would be euphoric to see her father on the night of her birthday. Oh this is magical!” though she did not recognize the sender’s number, Rose lost her mind.

She saw the date and realized it was Sep 15th, she decided to follow him that evening to catch him in the act. She left Betty at Veronica’s house to play with Archie and Jug-head. Then she drove to Will’s office and parked at a corner watching out for his car when he left she followed. He drove to the suburbs and then stopped at a house that looked rickety and old; the house was decorated like a soda shop. She thought to herself, this is a neat 50’s theme party I could do this for Betty’s birthday…

Suddenly she remembered, she was following her husband and was about to bust his clandestine affair and not to select themes for a party. She waited for 5 minutes and then barged into the house. She saw Will pushing a wheelchair and a lady probably in her 80s (you can’t tell the exact age in 80s) gazed hopingly towards the door. Rose couldn’t help but wonder having an affair was one thing but mixing with the girlfriend’s family was quite the other – this is serious business! When Will saw Rose he knew he could not hide anything anymore.

He calmly asked Rose to follow him to a room. She was confused, no shock, no surprise this is not the way she expected this to go.The old lady glanced at Rose and said “Oh you are more beautiful than I could ever imagine”, Rose got even more confused. Will closed the door behind and made Rose sit,then he began softly “Rose, baby, this is complicated. You remember how you always wanted to meet my parents and family I always said they all died in a car-crash? That was all a lie, baby. What I am going to tell you now is a top-secret and the future of our country depends on it.” Rose did not know what to make out of that, but she sure noticed Will was completely carried away by the 50’s theme and was speaking like in the 50’s – “baby” she thought “who says that anymore!”

He spoke again “I am Austin Powers! I was born in 1925, I was a cool cat then, the time was different then, baby. I shagged Mary and a lot of other women, but the day she told me she was pregnant in 1955, honestly, I intended to marry her. But Dr. Evil time-travelled and like always, I put the country’s security ahead of my happiness, so I got cryogenically frozen for 50 years. In 2005, when I unfroze you were going to examine me, when I saw you I found you super shagadelic baby and I ran away. That’s why you never saw me as Austin Powers I met you later that day and introduced myself as Will, the advertising guy. I am currently working on a secret mission to catch Ocean’s 13 that is keeping me very busy.”

A sense of pride filled Rose she was after all the wife of International Man of Mysteries. Still as is customary in these situations she asked for proof and he showed her old pictures of himself with erstwhile Mary. Rose thought to herself Mary was shagadelic but I’m the wife. They heard the main door open and then suddenly oldies were yelling and singing Happy Birthday! Then Will and Rose walked out of the room and Will at 35 saw his first daughter for the first time on her fifty-fifth birthday… Rose thought to herself, truth is stranger than fiction, he didn’t lie after all, he always said its work pressure, my own darling Austin Powers…


18 thoughts on “Will Power

  1. Does a ganpati bappa moriya style dance – of course the music being a mix of akon Shakira and Govinda – as surrouding her house (courtsey the visarjan drama) and screams _ Congrats Ruchiiiii … muaaaaaahhhhh 😀

    • Hehe yep I was the one 🙂 I think it was just wacky and crazy but that’s the fun thing about writing nothing limits you 🙂
      For my blog I’ve designed the theme from a pic I clicked and edited in Photoshop. I’d be glad to help you with making a background, if you participate in the contest I started :p

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