Book On Your Life…

It was an ordinary day in ABC office (trying to make it sound like the introduction note of Desperate Housewives) and as usual abiding by the a girl’s before-lunch-ritual I got up from my seat precisely 11.55am to go to the loo and as usual I glanced at the notice board, but unusually, instead of notices or information, a question glared at me. Now here’s my principle on questions, I use the 90-10 rule to answer questions – 90% of the questions that we face do not need even 10seconds of thought, in-fact for most of the times it works if you just say “yes”; don’t believe me? Answer these: Should I skip the gym today? Should I take a cab instead of bus today? Do you think he likes me? Do you think she’ll say yes? – The only reason these questions are asked, in the first place, is to hear a “yes” some are mere information gatherers like: When will you get free? How can I get there? What clothes should I wear today? – Never spend more than 30seconds on this type. It’s the other 10% of questions that make you think, these questions add a meaning to life they change life, they make it worth living. The question that glared from the board was one of those 10%

If you were to write a book on your life, what would be the title?

Prima-facie it looked simple but I did not have a ready answer and I kept thinking, throughout lunch I was preoccupied with this question, I remembered of a creative writing work-session in college in which the teacher asked us to write our own epitaph, I remember in that session a guy’s voice had choked and his eyes were moist with tears while he read his epitaph. At that time I could not help but wonder if the idea of death was so scary for the guy that he was not ashamed of crying in a class full of people? I never got to talk to that person and I do not know why he choked, but in hindsight maybe it was not the idea of death maybe it was the fact that he did not know what he wanted his epitaph to hold…

In the evening I was sipping a cuppa flipping through a glossy women’s magazine still thinking about the question from the morning, the answer to this question would be the gist of my life. This one title would encapsulate all the experiences I’ve had so far and also the ones that I am going to experience in the future, but if that is the case I could decide a title only once I’ve lived my whole life. Oh wait! I could decide the title now and then work towards achieving it. I reflected on my life so far, I think it’s been great – no regrets… while I was on this trail of thought the title of the book of my life transpired on a page with black background in loud and bold pink letters – it’s been a pleasure… and I decided the name of my book:

My Life’s Been A Pleasure…

Like I said my life has been pretty good so far but we’re talking the whole life being a pleasure and I need some serious pleasure in the future for this. I had a lot of work to do and I started immediately – took a vacation to Phuket, skipped gym for a week, slept late at night, woke late in the morning, had desserts everyday, napped every noon – Ah! I thought I’m completely living it up! This has increased the pleasure value of my life pretty darn high! Finally today I woke up early in the morning, went to gym, worked sleepily in office and I realized my colleagues, my instructor, friends and even my alarm clock took pleasure in my life today and in-fact this is my real life. That’s when I walked out of my ideal world and decided the real name of my life’s book:

My Life’s Been A Pleasure – at times even for me…

So, what would be the name of your life’s book?


13 thoughts on “Book On Your Life…

  1. Thank you Ruchi for showing way to your wonderful blog 😛
    What a thoughtful and very interesting post.
    Now you’ve got me thinking about the epitaph and the title of my life’s book 😉 😀

    Keep up the wonderful work 😀 😀

  2. Thanks CB that’s very sweet of you… I’m really interested to know your title, definitely post it here when you’ve thought of it 🙂

  3. I liked the second title !!! and I must say, you are working in a fun office; we have only targets and pathetic achievements on our notice boards 😀 D: D: 😀

    and if at all I am allowed to write a book, my title would be….tan ta daaaan (no, not that, thats the entry music)…

    “Oops! sorry guys, even I wrote a book”

    Howzzat ???? 😀 😀 😀 D:

  4. hehehe have to admit that i work in a fun office… beggars do choose after all 😛
    Seriously if i saw this book in a bookstore i’m sure to pick it up 🙂

  5. Accolades! This fantastic piece shows that finally you have grown up spiritually too.Yes, even our life had been a pleasure because of you. Very good , keep it up.

  6. Nice one Ruchi. I idea to first give the title & then live or rather try to live ones life basis that is a very good one. In fact ones you know that life itself becomes very simple.

    Mine would be “Practical Revolutionary”

  7. It is simply fun to read ur blogs….i loveeee them and enjoy myself thoroughly…and look forward to new entry every time…..
    now i have realised that writing is as an ART in which you have graduated with flying colors….keep it up dear….

  8. Thanks so much Runjhun and really appreciate that you do read my posts regularly… I do believe that writing in one such thing where the more you do the more fun it is 🙂
    Happy Reading 😀

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