Oh the days of our lives…

Today, as usual I started from office at 11.45 for my 12.00pm gym session, when I reached the changing room I realized I had not brought my lock. I knew Pushy (my instructor) with his watch was watching my way, so I decided I’d change and think simultaneously… I saw a kind looking woman and webbed a plan, I’d keep my stuff inside one of the lockers and pretend to search for something, I’ll look very upset and in hurry, all this hoping she would ask why… then I would rattle how I didn’t have my lock and couldn’t leave my stuff without a lock, she would then offer to give her lock, I could return that at the reception she could collect it later… I am sometimes impressed with my optimism and quick thinking and yes! It worked… I quickly locked the stuff and ran down to reach at 12.02 – 2mins late is almost a routine by now…

In the last 15mins of my 60mins torture, I always jump into planning-mode for next 30mins how I would run to the shower then to juice bar and then for my call/meeting/whatever… at 1.02pm he relieved me, I huffed, puffed and dragged myself towards the changing-room while Pushy chuckled saying “take good rest tomorrow! See you on Saturday” and I mocked (in my mind of-course) “You wish! I’m gonna be unwell on Saturday, hahaha!” once in the changing room I was racing against time to reach the client’s office for a 1.30pm presentation with Fussy (my client) and Snooty (my boss). ‘Its fortunate that Fussy’s office is in the same building as the gym, this would give me a few more minutes…” with this thought trailing, I opened my locker and my worst nightmare came alive – no it wasn’t a gecko, though that would be as bad well in this case, I saw NOTHING… I thought of the towels, clothes, cosmetics – its weird how I thought of the most irrelevant things first – watch, phone, wallet, IC card… Yes! “The Kind Woman” had swept my locker… My heart almost stopped but the clock kept ticking…

With 20mins on hand for the presentation, I was still in my gym clothes stinking and wet with sweat running on my forehead… I ran to the reception and started blabbering about the woman when I realized, in my previous hurried episode, I had forgotten to even ask her name – I know, so rude well she did take some revenge though! Anyway so I described her – Singaporean, dressed in shorts & T-shirt, straight hair, slim – OMG! I thought that’s 99% of Singaporean women! It took me 10mins to explain to the receptionist and at 1.20 we were standing in front of my empty locker… By now most women in the changing area knew something was not right… They glanced at me while I talked with my face slightly redder and voice slightly raised… Then this lady walks in and in all this crisis she wanted to use the locker just beside mine – seriously, I thought, people are so weird, of all the empty lockers this moron wants to use the locker right beside mine! So pissed I was, I said out loud “you won’t find a treasure in there you know!” she replied “this is the one I always use…” It drove me insane it was 1.25 what did I do to deserve this… she suddenly snapped at me “see I did find a treasure here today” It dawned on me then – I had locked an empty locker while all my stuff lay open in the locker beside it…


5 thoughts on “Oh the days of our lives…

  1. You write well Ruch….thats some creative stuff. Keep it coming..and oh 15 pounds..inspiring…but i’ll still rather wait for the day when they come up with e-exercise app for weight loss.

  2. @Mani – thnx Mani 🙂 hehehe I’ll be the first to get the e-exercise app 😛

    @Mummy – there’s nothing I can write that you don’t know…

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