How I lost 15pounds in past 3 months…

Weight Loss has been one of the most fearful things to talk about for me for a while, however now after losing 15pounds over the past 3odd months I feel a tiny bit more comfortable talking about this. Having said that, I am still working towards achieving my goal which is far and I know that slowly but surely I’ll get there. So what did I do in these past 3 months that brought about this change? Well, if you are reading this there is a high chance you have already read 10 ways to quickly….. or 5 steps to lose……….. sorry to disappoint but I am NOT going to share a shortcut, and I do believe that if you want sustainable results there is no short-cut. There are two important changes that I had to bring in my lifestyle, no points for guessing – exercise and diet. It’s a zero sum game, there is a high chance you will read here what you already know, this could be just a re-iteration of the fact that – it works!
Exercise – I joined a gym and have engaged a personal trainer, if you are disciplined, unlike me, and you know weight training then perhaps you do not need one. I am lazy and don’t know anything about weight training and for me this is the best thing I ever did for myself. So this trainer helps me with weight training atleast 3 times a week for an hour, except for this he has asked me to do cardio on all the other days – so he expects me to exercise every single day. Now I have heard various views on this, but I trust my instructor and follow him. Though I never manage to exercise 7/7 in a week it is generally 5/7. For cardio I try and do arc-trainers for an hour rather than cycle, treadmill or cross-training – simply since an hour of arc-trainer burns much more than the others. I will write more posts later on the exercises.
Diet – I started with a completely no processed carb diet, note that I was not having any processed carbs, I was fulfilling my body’s carb requirements through carb-rich veggies like potato, broccoli, sweet potato etc. after a couple of months I started having small servings of rice once in two days. This diet doesn’t make me hungry and I have enough energy to exercise. I ensure that I have proteins through lean steamed chicken, paneer (cottage cheese) and other lean cuts. Sometimes I indulge myself in ice-creams but basically I have reduced the portions. There is nothing that I have completely stopped eating I believe more in frequency and portion control. I’ll write in my coming posts about some low carb recipes that I have thoroughly enjoyed and I would prefer them over their carb-rich counterparts.
Finally I feel losing weight has more to do with mental training than physical training. It is important that I am happy and satisfied with what I am doing and that I make these changes permanently to my lifestyle rather than drastic measures for 2 months which lead to boomrangs. This is the slower way but a safer and more reliable one… try it! You’ll like it and it’ll work…


6 thoughts on “How I lost 15pounds in past 3 months…

    • Yo! There is no shortcut, I’ve tried a lot of those short-cut diets earlier but the weight always comes back… this time it is indeed slow and steady wins the race…

  1. Why is it that unhealthy food is always tasty 😦 and healthy food is not.
    I also a weight loss aspirer 😛 but no results. For one, I can (doesn’t mean that I do) exercise, but I just can’t keep a control on my diet!
    But I have high hopes and big resolutions 🙂

    P.S: Nice blog 🙂

    • @S – Hehe I know what you are talking about, I’ve almost made a way of judging what is healthy or not just see for the most tasteless stuff and that’s sure to be healthy 😛 yeah i did loose those 15 but i have miles to go…. best of luck with your battle with bulge

      P.S: I’m happy you liked my blog! thnx 🙂

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