HP CEO resigns abruptly…

We woke up today to an SMS from Ashu’s (my hubby) colleague breaking the news of HP CEO resigning abruptly on Friday… now you must be thinking why is that so important? Ashu works with HP, let me add Printers before you start thinking of all the problems your HP Lappy is giving you… so anyway this is not the kind of message he receives on the start of a weekend from his colleagues, usually it’s a mundane – We have a call at 10.30am or we need to work on a certain defect or basically an invite to work over the weekend. So when he read this message it was almost exciting, needless to say there were other messages inviting him for con-calls and his excitement was soon over and he is now on a con-call working for the growth of HP while the shares plummeted down 10%
For me however the excitement continued, so I searched for why Mark Hurd resigned so abruptly after turning around the company and doubling the revenues and all the bla bla bla he had done and here’s what I read “HP CEO resigns after a sexual harassment probe” and I go – Oh no! Not again! I mean this is so routine can’t they do something that’s more fun… I mean fun for others to read, of-course they are doing what’s most fun to them duh!! Anyway, further reading the news revealed that he did not violate the HP Sexual Harassment Policy but did break the rules of HP Business Conduct by expensing his ‘personal’ meetings with his sweetheart as ‘business trips’ – maybe he paid her and it was actually business though not for him… To top this he received a severance payment of 40Million – interesting life! Well back in reality where we live, I’d say be careful when you fill that expense report this month…

BTW if you wanna read the news yourself here’s the link.


4 thoughts on “HP CEO resigns abruptly…

  1. Not sure if get it…basically chindigiri is what cost this guy his job? I mean you earn some 20million dollars and still trying to wrongfully scrape a few thousand dollars in claims?

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