Those in-between times…

I started this blog to write about the special happenings in ordinary days as they pass by and I did make a promise that I would write once in every 2 weeks. Yet I am writing after a long time, a year almost. So where have I been and what was I doing in this time… I was pondering over this with a cuppa in my hand and I thought is it that I have not written because there was nothing to write? I replayed the chain of events in the past year…
One which consumed me for a better part of this year was Manu’s (my kid sis) wedding and you might or might not know that the significance of a wedding (even if it is not her own) to the feminine variety of sapiens across the globe is supreme to any other events that might be occurring in her life at that time. For that one night (yes, our weddings happen over the night) we prepare for at-least 6months. There were a few interesting things I could have written about then, wonder what happened. With every approaching wedding comes a plan to loose weight and all the struggle that you go through with that super annoying enemy, this weight loss plan has possessed me and continues to do so, I have seen some success but hoping to see lot more. I could have written a book about my instructor and my battle with the bulge. Then my super-nice vacation to Japan – that was fun! The tiny rooms and all those customs, their community baths and the bath customs, the language barrier, all the food and how can I forget bullet trains. Guess I did have some stuff to write about and the fact that I turned 30 in this time – that’s something!
I concluded, there were plenty things that happened over the past year that deserved more than a post but I never came about to do that then I realized I was very busy doing the one thing that I do the best, yep you guessed it right – procrastinate! The past year was one of those in-between times when you zone out, you snooze you just take-a-break for no reason and so I did not write a thing on my blog in-spite the promise. On the bright side I have a lot of interesting stuff to share now and I don’t have to scratch my brains to come up with the topic for my next post and here I am writing again. I promise I’ll update this blog at-least once in 2 weeks – or will I?


2 thoughts on “Those in-between times…

  1. ok. I could not find where I could just email you,
    but, I just started my first blog recently. don’t know what I’m doing or how to do it.
    so, i was wandering if you could kinda tell me how to create something more personal how to get it off it’s feet?
    I started A blog for something very important to me,
    i’m trying to reach my daughter wherever she is. pleaser give me any pointers you can,
    I never asked anyone this stuff but, I love your blog!

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