New things everyday…

Over the weekend I read an article that talked about not being a hamster and not falling in routines changing small things in your life and doing some new things everyday, simple things like sleeping on other side of the bed or reading a different genre or wearing different type of clothes, basically doing something different every once in a while that would break the monotony of life and will make things more interesting. I wondered if this would be true then I said ‘what the heck! Let’s try’. I decided, from Monday I would do one new thing everyday. A great thought but it was lost when I got up a bit late just like I usually do on a Monday morning and had to rush things up, get ready and run to office – just as usual!

I started from home at my usual time 8:40am and took my usual 8:44am bus towards office just as usual I found a window seat on the left side of the bus to avoid the morning sun. I have been doing this routine for the past 14months and now I am so comfortable with it that sometimes I am not even aware I am doing this and I do it – hamster??? I was thinking what was it that I could do new today? Then I thought right now I’m in the bus what new can I do here anyway let’s get to office and time will tell then I’ll do something new, while I thought all this almost naturally I was also taking out my phone de-tangling my headphones and attaching them to the phone and wearing them, I started my Sony W960i Walkman, I always took pride in telling, whoever would listen, about the sound quality of this phone. Unlike most phones when on max volume on loudspeaker you could actually dance like Hritik did in the Ad. I love the headphones specially because go inside the ear and no noise from outside can enter them and you float on music – pure bliss…

When I played the song today I couldn’t hear anything, I increased the volume to the max but could only very faintly hear something that I could not even identify as a song, suddenly I felt like someone was looking at me when I turned I saw quite a crowd giving me a weird look I ignored them, detached and re-attached my headphones to the phone still I could hear the sound only very faintly. When you know people are looking, and you are ignoring them, from time to time there this compulsive need to check if they are still looking so I looked around and saw an even bigger group staring back, with a miffed expression on their faces. I wondered what was wrong with this day I started off normally and now my phone is behaving weird and people around are behaving weird – wait a tick, I knew what was wrong! My phone was running the walkman on loudspeaker mode!

I quickly switched it back to headset and heard “Koi yahaan ahaa nache nache! Aoowwaa!! Aoowwaa!!” so loud I pulled the plugs out of my ears. I felt deaf, embarrassed, bugged, funny and angry all at the same time. Please don’t ask me why I had that song in my phone… I am quite embarrassed orreddy! When I told my Thai colleague, she wanted to know the song, I said it was Hindi she asked me to sing it when I did she cracked up I was suddenly doubting if she knew Hindi… After a while she said “Aoowwaa” in Thai means “let’s do it!” My only solace that being in Singapore no one understood the song was also lost – some of them understood worse that it reality!

I thought to myself ‘from tomorrow I’ll think of the things I want to do differently, leaving it on time didn’t seem to be the best strategy’. However strangely I enjoyed this incident! Maybe doing things differently will work well with me after all.


6 thoughts on “New things everyday…

  1. how about changing the (awesome) phone so that u can have new incidents in life which are intended? hehe….:P
    have to say that this was a fun read. keep writing, keeps my BP to normal levels when am reading your blogs 🙂

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