Love at first sight – though cliche, is it true?

The feeling of love is hard to describe and harder to understand! I saw him on the first day of my graduation college and though I did not realize it then it was love at first sight! After 8 long years I married him; we visited Singapore & Malaysia for our honeymoon. My first step in Singapore and I was in love with this place… We decided to move base to Singapore and a over a year ago we landed here, since then I have never regretted or changed my first impression of the place We work hard through the five weekdays and then party harder over the weekend, we often reward ourselves with short trips to places like Bintan, Batam, Langkawi etc. we shop like there is no tomorrow basically we are leading a happy and satisfied life.

Yesterday just like any other ordinary weekend, we went shopping, this time it was City Hall once there our general routine is that I would go to Raffle’s Link while Ashu would walk over to Funan Digital Mall. Yesterday Ashu insisted that I accompany him to Funan, he wanted to buy a Mac Book Pro and he said that I should be with him since it’s a big purchase he had been planning for it for around six months now, his plan was to buy it for 12 monthly installment so that we do not feel the pinch and it was like a mini-dream to buy the Mac Book so I thought what the heck let me just go!

Once there we entered Harvey Norman and since Ashu wanted to check out Mac Book Pro we reached the Laptop section it was there that I saw her, it was a weird feeling, I never imagined I was capable of feeling like this, the smooth texture the bright pink sheen, it was magical, its cliché but yes it was love at first sight all over again – I tried to hide my excitement when Ashu asked me what was I hiding I had no answer.

I was confused, what had happened to me? How could I feel this! I just tried to suppress my feelings but it was like an urge – I just wanted to possess her, I was dumbfounded and lost. Suddenly Ashu held my hand and we walked out of the store I could think more clearly now – and I was surprised to know that I had already passed denial and I just had to have her. I was now thinking about how I would say this to Ashu. He will so repent bringing me here.

We went to the top floor and now we were at Challenger, we walked around there checking out the deals for Mac Book and my eyes were like searching for her, I was ashamed of myself – how could this be! I was still in disbelief we took the escalator down and while moving down I caught a glimpse of her again – that pink color! I refused to go down and just walked towards her I wanted to see her more closely! Ashu obviously did not suspect any wrong because he too, just like me, did not imagine I was capable of this feeling – less did he know his happiest moment wasn’t going to turn out exactly as he imagined.

In the next 10mins we were on our way back to Harvey Norman since Ashu decided that that was the best deal and we were there again. I felt like it was destiny there she was again sparkling in pink and silver and I found myself eye to eye with her in that moment I knew it… I walked to Ashu and I said “I know we never thought this would happen and I feel extremely ashamed while saying this, but Ashu I want the Pink Sony Vaio and I want it right now!” Half an hour later we were at the billing counter, Ashu still confused while swiping his card not for 12 but 24 monthly installments! While I smiled away to glory with my first ever personal laptop the Pink Sony Vaio… Come on I know I’m mean but not so mean – of-course Ashu got his Mac Book Pro too.


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