Third Time Lucky!

Today is the third day in a row when I took Jahnavi, my daughter, yes I have a daughter, she’s about a year and a half now! Cliché but true, time flies! Anyway, so like any other working (read over working, taking calls till middle of the night) mother I always feel that I don’t get to spend enough time with my baby, and as if to validate that Janu is sometimes more excited about the nanny than the mommy. Few mommies will be able to take this supreme form of insult and I am definitely not in that super tolerant group, so I decided to turn the tables. First, I identified a ‘low hanging fruit’ – evening play time! She loves her evening play time, that’s when she has most fun and there’s a lovely park nearby. Strategy prepared! Planning done!
Day 1 – Very enthusiastically, I took out the pram, some titbits, water, diapers, wipes… Yeah baby! That is how they roll! We set out and reached the park, and for the first time I realized the power of voice that this little person has. So Janu loves dogs, and the excited screams when she saw one pass by made the dog and the owner both run for their life, and Janu thought this was very funny so she added insult to injury by doing the baby-laugh-and-clap routine, which a few others also found hilarious and left the dog owner and me red-faced. Let’s say the road ahead was all downhill, literally and figuratively! Our visit ended with scattered food, wet shirt, dirty shorts and a new found respect for the nanny. But I didn’t give up.
Day 2 – Determined to do better, I got the whole caravan ready for a 60min park visit, the strategy was revised, water play ground identified as a sure-win! Once in the park, J shouted to get down, but as if delaying gratification will give her more happiness I pushed the pram about half a mile to reach the said winning formula, I had in front of me a frustrated baby and a sorry closure notice… Still cheerfully I got her out of the pram, to realize how quick her tiny legs had already become – I was overjoyed to see her run but afraid she might fall and sad that I missed all this till now, all was dim for a bit and a tear slipped. J was tired and wanted her snack, I took out the kiwi fruit and J fussed to eat it herself. Ever wondered what a combination of plastic fork with an unstable hold and thin kiwi slices along with an overwhelmed mommy and an excited baby would mean? A wasted snack and an angry baby, this was the bottom line of the second day.
Finally today, with learnings from the past and wisdom of the elders, no fork and no slippery fruit was taken. An orange and the sand play area with some lovely slides and a few colourful cork walking strips did the trick. Playing with a beautiful golden retriever named ‘Summer’ was the highlight for my supremely dog-loving darling, she saw Summer and kept saying “hi, babow” till the owner let her pet the dog. J was the happiest and I couldn’t have asked for more, when I ask- where does Jana go with mumma? She happily yells back “parrtttt”. For me that happy face is the reflection of success! Cheers to strategizing and planning!

I like it on…

If you are here to find the secret of the FB status updates of your female friends that says “I like it on…” then I’m sorry I can’t let out the secret of my sorority, though I think its a bit stupid and I seriously don’t know how updating the status of your handbag can increase breast cancer awareness… oops! Sorry ladies! On a completely different note and a tad bit late, I want to say that the And then… contest was awesome fun and I thoroughly enjoyed conducting it :D

What I am going to write about today is KBC (Kaun Banega Crorepati) and Amitabh Bachchan. I have to say the old guy is the God of Indian Film Industry and he knows what he is doing – its an awesome show and though I am an ardent SRK fan I can’t help but admit Big B rocks the show like no one else can. Now maybe its because I’m a huge Bollywood fan but the whole recreation of hit scenes from Big B’s movies – what an idea sirji – nope, no one pays me for this gibberish!

When he did the Agneepath scene I completely forgot that I was sitting in front of my TV in the drawing room in Singapore with one nostril choked and other flowing like a tap – that scene tele-ported me to a cinema hall in India – I tried to whistle and shout to cheer but my sore throat did not support me – Big B! The man can still create magic. I’m not surprised that KBC 4 beats all other reality shows on TV read it here.  The show created a huge buzz with teasers ‘koi bhie sawal chhota nahi hota’ and is now delivering up to the noise it created. I specially liked the crispness in this season and the time limit to questions made it super-exciting.

Big B, of-course is like a bottle of wine aging makes it taste better, at 68 is an eye candy. His finesse, language, stature, personality, laughter and sense of humor among other things make him a league above the rest, make him, Him. I say – Deviyon aur sajjano its only a 9 week season and one of those is over so catch it if you can… coz when its about KBC I like it on Amitabh Bachchan – what say you?

And then… the winner is!!!

Alright Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the award ceremony this night… After counting 25 votes I have here a clear winner and 2 awesome runners-up. So without killing you with the suspense I’ll disclose the results:

This was the most discussed write-up in the contest and it presented a chick and revengeful Liz which was loved by most, specially the ladies… Put your hands together for our  Second Runner-up - Minstrel Incognito for A Second Shot – Minstrel Incognito will take away today this beautiful trophy and a runner-up certificate:

Moving on to a twist that is bound to touch the heart of every Indian and is the most discussed event in India (not counting the IN-AU cricket match today :P )  Though the author took the scene far away from where it started the scene swept the readers off their feet. Give a huge round of applause to First Runner-up - Pallavi Sambamoorthy for A Game of Shame & Revenge – Pallavi will take away the silver trophy and a runner-up certificate:

And now ladies and gentlemen the write-up that changed the whole picture of the main character – Liz and declared her a Kleptomaniac, this post was enjoyed by most and was even considered informative by some… give it up for our WinnerGunjal Bhansali for The Flight of Death – Gunjal takes away the Gold Trophy, a Winner’s Certificate and a Rs1000 Gift Voucher from Landmark (sponsored by me not Landmark – mind it!!!)

Congratulations to all winners and participants!!! :D :D :D

I will email all the prizes to you all in the next couple days. Every participant gets a certificate. :D

Here are the Write-ups and Authors also the number of votes each writ-up received :)

1. A Meet with known or Unknown?
Pramod Lohia
2. A Second Shot
Minstrel Incognito
3. Camisado
Priya Dabak
4. A Moment to Forget (or Remember?)
Sakhi Shah
5.Strangely Famous, Strangely Familiar
Maithili Pai
6. That night changed my life… (chuckle)
7. Flash of Thunder… Lightning Struck … And then it Rained…
Aishwarya Ananth
8.Hate to love you
Minstrel Incognito
9.Life – Lost and Found!!!
Aashish Sood
10.The Flight Of Death
Gunjal Bhansali
11.And then…another U turn to complete the circle!!
Gunjal Bhansali
12.A Game Of Shame And Revenge
13.Bruised Memories
Smita Paul

It was great fun hosting this contest and I hope you all also had all the fun, I hope you all like your prizes and certificates and listen… psst psst… if you thought that its too much effort writing a story – look at the awesome prizes and think again I think it was worth it you could be the winner of the Golden Trophy, Winner’s Certificate and Rs1000 gift card from Landmark – So the next time when I say “exciting prizes” up for grab – do believe me!! :D :D :D :D